Frequently Asked Questions
EVERNEW stands behind their products.
If the product malfunctions or is damaged despite normal use, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge within 1 year after purchase.
If you want a warranty, please apply to the EVERNEW Distributor where you purchased the product.
Please note that we cannot apply if you contact EVERNEW directly.
The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, accident, or tampering.
A fee will be assessed to repair the product with such damage.
There will be a cost for repair or not covered by warranty if any of the following conditions occur,
even if the product is under the warranty period.
  1. Past the warranty period
  2. Damage caused by use contrary to the instructions or by incorrect use or carelessness on the part of the user
  3. Damaged due to natural disasters, river phases, or other unforeseen accidents
  4. Quality deterioration and damage due to storage environment
  5. Failure or damage due to improper repair or modification
  6. For items purchased from other than EVERNEW distributors*
* For EVERNEW distributors, please visit our distributors page.
Many resellers who sell through Amazon are not authorized dealers of EVERNEW products.
please note where the product is being "shipped from and sold by," which is stated clearly in the header for each product.
Warranties are not transferable. Second-hand items, including sales from websites, are not covered by EVERNEW's warranty.
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