Made in JAPAN
TibiTibi 呑山臥酒 Dong Zang Ga Shu

TibiTibi 呑山臥酒 Dong Zang Ga Shu

A special edition of "TibiTibi" with polished rim to smoothen mouthfeel.
The name of the cup, " 呑山臥酒"(Dong Zang Ga Shu) is a reference to " 呑花臥酒" from chinese poetry witten in "Unzen Zakki."
It means, "Taste the splendor of the mountains, and lie down in comfort feeling tipsy.
Size: Diameter 75 x Depth 31mm (2.95 x 1.22inch) / Weight: 15g (0.52oz) / Material: Titanium (made in Japan) / Country of origin: JAPAN