Cooking with an alcohol stove has never been easier or lighter. Tested in the mountains and manufactured in Japan, our alcohol stove was developed to keep your kitchen in the wilderness simple and light.

Weighing in at less than 6 ounces and unencumbered by heavy fuel canisters, this ultra portable stove makes cooking wherever you may desire a hassle-free experience.

  • EBY253
  • Ti Trivet for Alcohol Stove
  • Weight:16g(0.6oz.)
  • EBY254
  • Titanium Alcohol Stove
  • Weight:34g(1.2oz.)
  • EBY255
  • Ti Alcohol Stove DX set (Ti Dx Stand + Ti Stove
  • Weight:86g(3.0oz.)
  • EBY257
  • Ti DX stand for Alcohol Stove
  • Weight:52g(1.8oz.)
  • EBY258
  • Ti Trivet 2
  • Weight:13g(0.5oz.)
  • ECA538
  • Ti Mug pot 500 Stove set
  • Weight:175g(6.2oz.)